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What are dampers?

As the term suggests ‘dampers’ are a part of the vehicle’s suspension system and are used to dampen shocks from the road. There are various types of dampers, but the two most important ones are fluid and gas dampers. Though each type has its own pros and cons many of the latest vehicles come with electronic adjustable dampers which help the driver adjust the ride height based on the type of terrain they are driving on. So, for instance, the driver may lower a vehicle if they want to go fast on a smooth highway. That said when buying dampers spare it pays to invest in a high-end brand that backs their products with a warranty.

What can go wrong?

Many things can go wrong with the dampers of your vehicle. While many of the latest dampers are designed to be rugged, they still end up failing after a few years and require replacing. Interestingly out of all the suspension parts replacing the dampers are considered easy. That said the biggest challenge when buying dampers is finding genuine and warranty backed parts that will last you a long time. Plus, since getting the dampers changed is an expensive job you’ll want to have your vehicle checked by a certified mechanic before you opt to get the dampers replaced.

Buying top quality dampers

We currently sell damper spares by leading brands such as SACHS and Boge. Plus, all the dampers we sell are brand new and have been extensively tested. So, you can be assured that the ones you buy from us are of the highest quality. However, if you still need help choosing the right dampers for your car do not hesitate to call or email us right away.