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MAGNETI MARELLI brakes – a decade of performance

Having its headquarters in Corbetta, Italy, Magneti Marelli is a company that focuses on creating high-tech parts for cars. The company was originally founded in 1919, and by then, it has started growing and performing. Currently, Magneti Marelli features a total of 86 manufacturing plants, all of which have been spread across the world, in 19 other countries. The company also includes subsidiary brands – all of which have already gained a certain level of appreciation. These brands include Weber, Solex, Jaeger, and AL-Automotive Lighting. Ever since the beginning, the company created various vehicle parts, including MAGNETI MARELLI brakes. These are needed to ensure you don’t advance too much – especially when you have an obstacle in front of you.

MAGNETI MARELLI brakes – an innovative production

As time has passed, Magneti Marelli began playing with various safety systems – improving them, and therefore, bringing innovation back on the table. Currently, the company creates intelligent systems for passive and active vehicles – systems that will help enhance the safety of the vehicle – but also powertrain systems. These systems can be attached to anything from personal vehicles to motorcycles to personal vehicles, trucks, and other vehicle types. Magneti Marelli also collaborates with racing tracks all over the world, some important organizers being Formula 1, the Grand Prix, and the World Rally. Considering that the speeds and the risks of accidents are fairly high at that point, a good set of MAGNETI MARELLI brakes can make a great difference. The driver will be safe on the wheels rather than being exposed at a great risk. If you read a Magneti Marelli brake pads review, you’ll get a confirmation for that.

MAGNETI MARELLI brakes – the new technology

Magneti Marelli parts can be found in two lines – the original and the Brembo line. Both of them were originally made for European use, but they may be adjusted to fit other vehicles as well. Using their well though-of technology, the brake pads feature a very strong alloy to absorb the energy and stop the vehicle from advancing in the face of danger. The brake shims attached will reduce the vibration and noise, therefore removing the screeching that deafens you with every brake you make. This feature will also prevent your callipers and fluids from being damaged by the excessive heat. You may look for MAGNETI MARELLI brakes on, the online shop that offers high quality for fair prices.