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Original VAICO Quality, Nut, Exhaust Manifold
Original VAICO Quality, Nut, Exhaust Manifold
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What is an exhaust manifold?

An exhaust manifold is where all the exhaust gases are collected from all of the vehicle’s cylinders into a single pipe. The term manifold refers to the various inputs and outputs folding together. In the vast majority of cars, the exhaust manifold is made from cast iron or at times stainless steel which is responsible for collecting all of the gases. However, despite being made from durable material with the intention of it being able to last over a decade they can still fail but need to be replaced immediately.

How to Determine if the Exhaust Manifold is Faulty

Faulty exhaust manifolds will become noisy if they are broken or cracked. This excessive noise comes directly from the engine into the engine compartment, which amplifies the sound. The exhaust manifold is bolted to the engine and connected to the exhaust piping. The catalytic converter and silencers follow on after that. So, if you start hearing a loud noise from your vehicle each time it starts and accelerates you may want to consider replacing the exhaust manifold.

Buying the right one

We currently sell exhaust manifolds for a variety of vehicles. It goes without saying that every exhaust manifold is different and is designed for that particular vehicle’s engine so you cannot mix and match them. We sell branded manifolds by leading brands such as Ernst, so you can always be assured of excellent quality. That said for your vehicle to perform efficiently always buy a manifold which matches the part number of your existing one. You can also search our website via part number. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need assistance finding the right manifold on our website.