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What is a vehicle Multi-Function-Switch?

A Multi-Function-Switch as the term suggests is a single switch which has multiple functions or states. These switches are often used in the automotive industry where space is scarce, and manufacturers try to pack as many features as possible. Being able to operate multiple functions with a single switch also means that when the switch fails those features stop working. Fortunately, the latest switches are incredibly durable and can last for the life of the vehicle. Though lower end models tend to have switches which may fail after a few years and have to be replaced. The good news is that replacing these switches is not expensive. The average prices of a branded switch by a top brand like Metzger are around 25 pounds. That said the price varies depending on the switch type and vehicle for which is designed. Plus, varying switch types also means that you need to get the right one for your vehicle’s make and model because none others will work well with it.  

Why should you always buy a branded switch?

It goes without saying that there are literally dozens of brands that manufacture Multi-Function-Switch and other automotive parts. Though anyone who has purchased aftermarket parts will tell you that not all of them are the same. Some are apparently better in terms of build quality, durability and other aspects than others. You never want to buy a switch that will fail within a year or so because that will end up costing more in the long term. That means its best to avoid low quality or unknown brands. It is best to stick with high-quality brands that are confident enough to back their parts with a genuine warranty. That way if the switch happens to fail you get a free replacement. The other advantage is that it does not cause any harm to the vehicle’s electrical system.

How to buy quality switches currently holds an extensive inventory of genuine, aftermarket Multi-Function-Switch for all cars that are commonly available in the IE. All switches like our other parts are listed with their respective part number. If you already have the part number searching using that will help you quickly find the right switch. However, our customer service professionals are always around to help you if needed. Plus, you can be assured of great pricing when buying from us. We also offer free shipping to our buyers in the IE when buying from