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Buy Nozzle and Holder Assembly/Nozzle Parts

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Seal, Injector Holder
Seal, Injector Holder
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What is a nozzle and holder assembly?

A nozzle and holder assembly is primarily used to connect mostly the fuel or oil lines to other parts of the vehicle via a series of hoses. The nozzle parts are affixed to the source, like the source of oil, and the holder assembly is what holds it in place. However, there are many different types of nozzles, and so they come in various sizes and diameters. Ideally, you’ll want to buy ones that are precisely tailored to your vehicle, and for the purpose, it's needed. For instance, a fuel injection nozzle will be different from the oil pipe assembly or nozzle.

When should the nozzle and associated parts be replaced?

Generally speaking, they should be replaced only if they start leaking or if it’s recommended by a certified mechanic. Nozzle and holder assembly parts can last a very long time and shouldn’t be changed unless there is a leak, loss of pressure or some other problem. Replacing these parts is comparatively cheap though time-consuming depending on what needs to be replaced. Plus, nozzle parts can only be replaced by a certified professional mainly because it requires the right tools and technique.

All genuine and branded nozzle parts under one roof

We sell nozzles and assemblies of all types. Whether you own an older vehicle or the latest BMW, you can be assured of finding the parts you need from us. So, you can buy the nozzle and holder assembly today from, and we’ll have it shipped to you in no time!