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What is an oil pressure switch?

An engine oil pressure switch is a switch that contains a diaphragm that threads into an oil passage in a vehicle’s engine. When the engine oil pressure gets below a specified level, the diaphragm closes the switch, and the driver is alerted that the oil pressure is low. When the oil pressure indicator comes on in the vehicle, the driver must take immediate action to find out what the problem with the oil level is. The oil pressure switch is vital for the functioning of the vehicle as a loss of too much oil can result in catastrophic failure of the engine.

Why a quality oil pressure switch?

If the oil level drops below a certain point, the interior engine parts will not get the lubrication they need, and the friction caused by these metal parts moving together can easily cause the engine to seize. This is the main reason why an oil pressure switch is included in a motor vehicle’s engine. These switches are inexpensive to purchase and by quoting the correct year model and make of your car, you will be able to replace this switch very easily.

Replace the oil pressure switch

If there were no oil pressure switch in motor vehicles, there would be no indication that the oil levels are low or that there is a problem with the engine. This could result in severe engine damage if unattended. Problems can occur with these switches when they are faulty and show erratic gauge operation. If these are found to be present in a vehicle, a new oil pressure switch should be fitted. At we sell oil pressure switches by leading brands such as Metzger so you can always be assured of consistent performance and durability.