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Why is steering gear oil so important?

Steering gear oil is specially designed for vehicles that have the gear shifter built into the steering wheel. Many vehicles especially trucks and buses have the gear shifter built into the steering wheel which makes changing gears easier. However, like regular gears the gears integrated into the steering wheel also require lubrication. That said the gears need a slightly different level of lubrication which is why the gear oil meant for these types of vehicles are different from regular gear oil. Also, the system through which the oil is required to flow is very different which is why the oil has to be non-damaging to the steering wheel in the event of a leak.

When to change the oil?

Knowing when exactly to change the steering gear oil will all depend on the vehicle you drive. We strongly advise that you refer to your vehicle’s user manual to determine when to change the gear oil. However, if you do not have the manual you can opt to replace the gear oil whenever you change the engine oil. If anything a regular and even a premature oil change will extend the life of your gears which can be very expensive to repair.

Buying the right oil

Buying the right steering gear oil is as important as changing it after regular intervals. A high-quality oil will improve gear shifting and help prevent excessive wear and tear. At we only sell oils by brands that we can recommend and which have been proven to be the best. If you need help choosing the right grade oil or brand for that matter feel free to call or email us.