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Buy Parking Assist / Reverse Alarm

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What are parking sensors?

Parking sensors are also commonly referred to as proximity sensors and are used by road vehicles to alert drivers of nearing obstacles. There are many different types of parking sensors and reversing alarms, some use electromagnetic technology while others use ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles. While most new vehicles come preinstalled with parking sensors those that do not can be equipped with an aftermarket sensor. Interestingly, installing or replacing a sensor is comparatively cheap, and they happen to be very reliable.

How to know there is a problem?

If your vehicle comes with a parking sensor preinstalled, then one of the ways you’ll know if it’s not working is it will not turn on. You will not hear the sensor beep or sound an audible alarm when you near an obstacle like a wall when you reverse. These sensors in most cases need to be replaced because they are too cheap and tiny to repair. Ideally, you will want to replace the existing sensor with one that’s exactly like it.

Buying a sensor

We have made buying parking sensors and reversing alarms very simple. We currently sell sensors and alarms from leading manufacturers like METZGER and VEMO among many others. So, you can be assured of excellent quality each time you buy from us. If you are searching for a replacement, simply buy one by matching the part number of the existing sensor. We also sell complete sensor kits for vehicles that do not come preinstalled. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.