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What is a pneumatic suspension?

Pneumatic suspensions have been used for a long time in trucks and heavy vehicles, yet more recently they have also been used in all-terrain vehicles, performance cars, and custom cars. In the past, pneumatic suspension units (also called air suspension units) were bulky, but as technology and the design of these units improved, it is now possible to fit these units into regular passenger cars. The usual coil springs in a car’s suspension don’t offer as much variance in their ability to cope with different loads and road undulations, whereas the air suspension can provide numerous advantages over the conventional coil springs.

Why Use Pneumatic Suspension?

The first benefit of this type of suspension is that it is designed to bear heavy loads. Another advantage is that pneumatic suspension can be set to adapt to driving conditions and load capacity. You can also add pneumatic suspension to an ordinary street car which makes it more versatile. However, if the pneumatic suspension in a van or truck is faulty, it should be replaced as soon as possible. There are many different designs of air suspension units, and these include double-convoluted bag, tapered sleeve units, and rolling sleeve units.

Buying Pneumatic Suspension for your vehicle

We have made purchasing a pneumatic Suspension for your vehicle very easy. All you need to do is match the part number of your existing suspension to the one on our website. We currently sell pneumatic suspensions by leading brands such as Bil Stein, and Blue Print amongst many others. So, even if you want to replace your regular suspension with a pneumatic one, you can buy the right ones from us. If you need help with choosing a suspension feel free to call or email us.