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What is Power Take Off?

A power-take-off is a device that easily transmits the mechanical power of an engine to another device or part of the car. It is used to take the power that is generated by a power source, say the running engine of a car, and transferring this power to a device that is attached to it. It is mostly a drive shaft and transmits the power of the engine to a device that does not have a motor or an engine. It is important to handle the mechanical power source as the PTOs are exposed to many elements. It is a good idea for the operators to use the PTO shaft accessories safely and, take extra precaution when working on the power sources.

What are the different types of Power Take Off (PTO)?

The power take-off is commonly seen installed on commercial vehicles and farm tractors. It will provide the necessary power to a separate mechanical or hydraulic system or to an attachment. It will draw the energy from the engine through the PTO gear box. The PTO’s are classified into different typologies depending on the location on where it is installed. Clutch Dependent PTOs are the split-shaft PTO and the gearbox PTO whereas the engine dependent PTOs are flywheel mounted or engine mounted PTOs.

Choose genuine Power-Take-Off-PTO online sellers

It is important to choose genuine and reliable online spare parts store to buy any type of power-take-off you want. The reliable stores will only have PTOs made by reputed and experienced manufacturers. Buying PTOs in bulk from these stores would get you a better deal.