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What is a prop shaft?

A prop shaft is referred to by many names such as propeller shaft, driving shaft, drive shaft, Cardan shaft and drive shaft. It is a mechanical component designed to transfer rotation and torque which is usually attached to the drive train via series of other components. The drive shafts are also subject to shear stress and lots of torsions which is directly equivalent to the input and the load it bears. That’s why all components used need to be very strong so that they are capable of carrying extreme amounts of stress. It is also the reason why we recommend that people buy original parts.

How to know there is a problem?

One of the things that should tell you that there is a possible problem with the prop shaft is strange noises. Rattling or clanking noises when the car is being driven is a sign that the prop shaft is not working properly. However, the noises can disappear when you travel at a higher speed. You may also experience that your car starts shaking violently at times. That’s because the prop shaft is having a problem handling and transferring all that power. You will also notice that the universal and CV joints are worn out. That’s a very clear sign the shaft requires replacement.

Buy the right parts

Prop shaft replacement is a difficult and time-consuming task that’s best undertaken by a certified mechanic. However, to ensure that the repaired or replaced shaft continues to provide you with years of service life always use high-quality parts. We sell some of the highest quality prop shaft parts that money can buy. If you require assistance with purchasing, the parts needed then get in touch with us right away.