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genuine, Valve, Secondary Air Pump System
genuine, Valve, Secondary Air Pump System
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What is a Pump System secondary air intake?

Pump System secondary air intake is also referred to as air injection which is a emissions control system original introduced in 1966. The system works by letting in fresh air which is injected into the stream from the exhaust allowing for better combustion of the exhaust’s gasses. The vast majority of systems use a vane pump also called an AIR pump or smog pump which is turned by the engine’s belt or a separate motor. When the system fails, there is a good chance that the vehicle will fail its emissions test which means that drivers are penalized if the system is not replaced or fixed.

Get your air intake examined periodically

One of the ways to avoid having to deal with a faulty Pump System secondary air intake is to get your air intake inspected and serviced by a professional every few months. Even though modern vehicles have a much better system of dealing with emissions, a failure can end up causing problems on the road. Strict EU regulations dictate that all cars meet certain emissions standards and if those standards are not met because of faults with the system then they are subject to fines.

Replace your pumps with the right one

Today, there are hundreds of vehicles that use various types of pumps and systems to meet the EU’s emissions standards. However, to ensure that you only replace the pump with the right one it’s important to match the part number from the existing vehicle. It's also important to buy a manufacturer recommended or OEM pump where possible. At we sell Pump System secondary air intakes for all modern vehicles.