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What makes buying a good relay so important?


Almost any professional mechanic or experts will tell you that it's always a good idea to buy and use high quality and branded relay. However, most people still just opt for the cheapest one that’s available which can end up causing more harm to their vehicle’s electrical system than anything else. The reason why quality is so important is because they are electromagnetic switches. The ‘on’ and ‘off’ state of the switch is operated by an electromagnet which causes it to complete the circuit or break it. That said if it is faulty owing to the use of low-quality material it will end up interrupting the normal function of the circuit. That, in turn, causes long-term damage to electrical components of the vehicle. So, by saving a few pounds on a high-quality item, you’ll end up spending a hundred times more on repairs.


How to buy the right one?


When in the market for relays always make sure that one you buy is backed by a well-known brand like Bosch or VEMO. There are many other excellent brands from which to choose too. Once you’ve figured out which brand you can trust the next step is selecting the right relay. This can be achieved by searching for it via the existing one’s part number. However, at times you may still not find the right one. So, the next step is to note down the existing part’s specifications and then match it to the ones listed on our website. Though if you still need assistance one of our professionals can help you get the right one too.


Genuine parts that you can trust sells only top quality branded relays that back their parts with a warranty. Our goal is to ensure that the money you spend ends up with you having saved in the long term which why quality parts are highly recommended. Though we also help you save on every purchase by pricing our products competitively. We also strive to ensure that our buyers are able to find parts like a quality relay that are not easy to find otherwise. It is, for this reason, we are so sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Plus, we offer special deals for bulk purchases of parts like discounts and free shipping when buying from