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Central Slave Cylinder
Central Slave Cylinder
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What is a clutch bearing?

The clutch bearing is a uniquely designed bearing which is fixed to the shaft which goes into the gearbox through which it moves along. The bearing is operated each time you disengage and re-engage the clutch by stepping on the clutch pedal. Most people may not even notice just how smooth the bearing makes engaging and disengaging the clutch but when it fails the driver should be able to notice the difference in the clutch instantly.

How to know something is wrong?

One of the signs that your clutch is worn out is that you’ll start getting a bad smell from the clutch, it often smells of burnt material. The smell is also evident at high speeds. Many times we never even notice that the clutch bearing requires repairs or replacement until the clutch starts to slip. Always get a certified mechanic to inspect your vehicle’s clutch. Also, bear in mind that each time you get the clutch bearing changed you should consider getting the whole assembly replaced since the repairs require that the entire gearbox is removed from the car.

Buying the right parts

We sell clutch bearings for almost all vehicles from some of the most popular OEM manufacturers such as SACHS and FEBI BIL STEIN. However, to buy the right bearings for your car always search using the part number mentioned on the existing bearing. That way you’ll buy what is best meant for your car. However, if you require assistance with finding the right part do not hesitate to call us.