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What is a spare wheel well?

A spare wheel well as the term suggest is a depression in the truck of the car which allows for the spare wheel to be seated securely. The well is what prevents the wheel from moving or bouncing up on rough roads which can damage the truck. That said over time the well can become rusty which means that it needs to be replaced. At times the well may also need to be replaced if a larger size spare tyre has to be stored away. That said replacing it not cheap because it’s a time-consuming process which can only be accomplished by a professional mechanic.

What size well to buy?

It goes without saying that there are various size spare wheel well that you can buy. Ideally, you’ll want a well that’s deep enough to store your tyre yet fit well into the space of the current well. It's best to ask a professional for advice or measure the space and note that down when searching for a replacement. You’ll also want to buy a well that’s made from good quality metal and which is coated with a protective material preventing it from becoming rusty.

Save money on a spare well today

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