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What are Cylinder lock and barrel lock spares?

The cylinder lock and barrel lock spares are spare parts for your car’s locks. Take for instance the fact that in most cases your lock can get stuck, or it can often be hard to open. The problems are often caused by rusty or faulty cylinder locks or barrels. Replacing the barrels and cylinder locks are a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire lock which consists of the door handles for most vehicles. That said replacing the barrels and cylinders is something that can in most cases be done by a professional.

How to know that lock parts need replacing?

One of the most common signs of worn out barrels and cylinders is that it becomes hard. Some people try oiling the locks, but that often makes things worse. Since all parts within your lock are made from metal rust coupled with extensive wear and tear can make it difficult to operate and so they have to be replaced. Unfortunately, replacing the cylinder lock and barrel lock spares requires special tools and experience. Also, the spares will differ based on if it’s your door locks, glove box locks or steering locks.

The largest selection of cylinder lock and barrel lock spares

We currently have the largest selection of barrels and cylinders for every vehicle in the IE. All you need is to search via part number which you can get from a locksmith. We currently sell lock spares by big name brands such as Vaico, Valeo and Febi Bil Stein amongst many others. If you need help finding the right replacement parts, then do not forget to get in touch with us today.