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Sensor, Air Mass
Sensor, Air Mass
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What are sensor and probes in cars?

A sensor as the term suggests is used to sense a change in something within the car. Many of the latest cars use an array of probes and various electrical sensors to measure and report on everything from the heat to the fuel intake as well as air mixture. The sensors ensure that the vehicle is running optimally and that any problems are reported right away to the driver. It makes maintaining a car a lot easier and saves people from having to deal with the problem when it becomes too late. That said these electrical gadgets can also fail, but fortunately, they are not expensive to replace.

How to replace the sensors & probes?

Replacing the sensor and its corresponding probe varies in difficulty. Some like the MAF air flow probe can be easily replaced while harder ones to replace are near the engine and the one which reports oil flow. Ideally, everything should be replaced by a mechanic because even the slightest mistake can short them out and you’ll have to buy a new one as a result. Plus incorrect installation will lead to wrong readings and can do long term damage to the electronics.

Buy only original or OEM electronic parts

We strongly advise that car owners only buy OEM or original parts. Parts like the sensor should only be replaced with an exact replacement reflected by their part number. Buy original parts and probes when shopping at and save money off every purchase.