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What is a car temperature sensor?

Also referred to as in-cabin sensor and the in-car temperature sensor or NTC, is, in fact, a negative temperature coefficient sensor. The sensor works by detecting an increase in temperature and reducing its resistance. The signal voltage can vary from 0 to 5 volts. These sensors are used in many of the latest ACs being installed in vehicles because the information from the sensor is fed into the automatic temperature control system’s processor or the built-in computer. This then allows the vehicle to adjust the cooling by taking other factors such as input from the sun-load sensors, fan speed, and volume. If your vehicle has climate control, then there is a good chance that it uses this sensor.

How to know that the sensor is not working?

One of the tell-tale signs of the sensor not working is the climate control system will not work. Some cars will beep or flash a visible alarm to signal that a sensor is not working. Another problem you may encounter is that the car’s AC will refuse to cool until you manually set the fan speed, but even then it may not be up to the work. If you experience any of these problems the first step is to visit a technician to troubleshoot the problem, then if it’s found that the sensor is faulty it should be replaced right away.

All sensors under one roof

At, we sell car temperature sensors for almost all vehicles and brands on aftermarket ACs. All you need is to search via the part number on our website. Alternative, you can contact us for assistance.