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What is a sports silencer?

A sport silencer is also referred to by some as sports exhausts and is considered to be a controversial step that many people take to improve the performance of their cars. As someone who is considering a sports silencer, it is important to keep in mind that there are compromises that are made when it comes to increasing the power of an engine (BHP), and reducing torque. Though the noise made by these aftermarket silencers is an attractive feature, they don’t always boost performance unless you buy the best one for your vehicle and combine it with a performance air filter.

Why buy it?

It is imperative to understand that as a regular vehicle owner you don’t need to invest in a sports silencer or any other type of aftermarket muffler for that matter. So, buying one is optional, and the performance gains you get will vary. That said we have made an effort to sell only the best silencers in the market which provide car owners with not only great service life but also excellent sound aesthetics and performance. But it’s important that you do the required math before buying one for optimal vehicle performance if that’s what you’re aiming for with the purchase.

Buying the right one

When it comes to buying a performance silencer, there are right and wrong decisions, but it’s a decision that you or your mechanic needs to make. We currently sell sports mufflers from top brands such as Ernst, and Imasaf amongst many others. So, you can always be sure of investing in a quality product. If you have a question or require assistance, do not hesitate to call or email us.