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Damper, End Silencer
Damper, End Silencer
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What is an exhaust silencer?

The exhaust silencer or just silencer as it is often referred to by many people reduces the overall noise level of the engine. The silencer serves two primary purposes the first being to dampen the engine’s sound significantly and the second being to funnel exhaust gases. However, all vehicles use a slightly different size and type of silencer because all vehicles have a different engine. A silencer strikes the right balance between performance and sound dampening of the engine it is designed for, it is for this reason that silencers cannot be mixed and matched.

When to get a silencer replaced?

Most silencers start failing after a few years of use. When the exhaust silencer starts to fail you’ll be able to hear the engine even more. The louder the sound is from the engine the worse your silencer has become. Unless your car was hit from the rear, a silencer will deteriorate over time owing to rust and corrosion that builds up on it. Fortunately, silencers are easy to replace, and comparatively, cheap the only thing you need to do is to find the right one for your vehicle.

Buying the right one

We currently sell the broadest selection of exhaust silencers from brands like Ernst and numerous others. Our silencers come backed by a warranty and so you can be assured of their excellent service life. That said to find the right silencer always search our website via part number. If you’re still unable to find the right one, then feel free to get in touch with us right away.