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What is a soot filter?

A soot filter is also referred to as a diesel particulate filter or even DPF in short. It is a device built into diesel powered vehicles since they are known to produce soot. The device removes the particles or soot as they are called from the exhaust gas. Soot filters require a lot more maintenance as opposed to catalytic converters. The DPF filters often go through a regeneration process which removes or lowers the amount of soot. There are three types of regeneration i.e. active, forced and passive. The active regeneration in most vehicles takes place when the car is not being used and takes around 10 minutes. Passive happens when the vehicle is driven and uses the heat from the exhaust. If there is too much pressure in the filter then forced regeneration is used, which involves a computer program and a garage to start the process.

When is a replacement needed?

While the soot filter can last a very long time, it has to be replaced at some point. Most vehicle owners will want to get the soot filter replaced when it can no longer remove soot. One of the signs of a failing soot filter is problems driving the vehicle. You may also experience a problem with starting the vehicle. However, a certified mechanic should inspect the car before declaring that the filter be replaced.

Buying the right one

We currently sell an array of soot filters by well-known brands like HJS so you can always be sure of the quality. However, to buy the right filter always search our list above with the part numb of your existing filter to find the right one. If you still need help purchasing a soot filter from us do not hesitate to call or email us right away.