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What are spark plugs?

Spark plugs have been used to ignite the fuel within each chamber of an engine ever since the first cars were on the road. The spark plugs are responsible for producing a spark which is hot enough to cause the petrol within the chamber to ignite causing it to push the piston down. In most vehicles, the plugs are continuously firing in sequence since the time the car is started up. However, weak plugs or ones that are not adequately connected will cause the vehicle to run undesirably. In some modern vehicles, the dashboard will prompt the driver of there being a problem with the engine.

How to know there is a problem?

If you down own a vehicle which alerts you to a problem with your spark plugs, then you can still determine if you’re having a problem. If the car runs roughly, idles roughly, or there are short spurts there is a chance that your spark plugs are either not working properly, or the plug wires have worn out. If you get the plugs changed every few months, then the problem is most probably the wires. However, always get your vehicle thoroughly examined by a professional before determining the problem. The good news is that spark plugs are cheap and should be replaced alongside your oil.

Buy only high-quality spark plugs

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