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What is a sway bar?

Sway bars or anti-sway bars as they are commonly referred to as are torsional springs that are attached to underneath the chassis as well as the lower control arm via a sway bar end link. What the bar does is that it prevents the vehicle from swaying when cornering at high speeds, because the weight of the car is pushed towards the outside. The weight causes the suspension on the outside of the vehicle to compress but at the same time decompress outside. This ends up enforcing a sort of twisting force or torque on the bar which then creates a kind of lifting force on the outside of the control arm. The exerted force will counter the weight transfer, and the result will be a much flatter handling of the vehicle.

How to know there is a problem?

Well, it’s hard to tell that a sway bar is problematic until it starts completely failing in which case you will notice higher amounts of body roll. Cornering will not be as flat, and that’s a sign that the sway bar and relating parts will need to be fixed. Fortunately, it’s not hard to repair the sway bar if you’re able to find high-quality sway bar parts. However, the replacement will need to be undertaken by a certified mechanic.

The highest quality parts

We sell the highest quality sway bar parts for all vehicles. Buying the right parts is very simple, just browse through our list above and select the parts you want to replace. You can also buy a complete sway bar kit. If you still need help finding the right parts then get in touch with us right away.