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Buy Steering Angle Sensor

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Sensor, Steering Angle Position
Sensor, Steering Angle Position
6PD 008 847-701
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Car Steering Angle Sensors – Exceptional Control

A car’s steering power steering sensor is essentially part of a traction control system, which is designed to improve the control and handling of a vehicle. When installed this system will take effect when it detects a loss of control and automatically apply the brakes at the correct time thus avoiding accidents and helping the driver regain control. This system is fitted by default in many car models but can also be installed in a vehicle that does not already have one. Also, a replacement can be purchased if the existing one fails.

When to know something is wrong?

It can be hard to tell when the power steering sensors have failed or are about to fail. Since these are electronic sensors, the manufacturers assume that they will last as long as the vehicle is not in a major accident. That said sensors are known to fail, and one of the signs is that your power steering will become hard. In some vehicles, the onboard computer will alert you of a failing sensor in which case you’ll need to visit a certified mechanic to get it fixed or replaced.

How to buy an aftermarket power steering sensor?

Buying an aftermarket power steering sensor can be a challenge for most car owners especially since there are so many brands out there. However, it's always a good idea to spend a little more and by a sensor manufactured by a well known / reputed brand such as Vemo, Metzger or Febi Bil Stein. If you need help finding an aftermarket sensor feel free to email or call us for assistance.