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Buying a motorcycle clutch cable

Motorcycles have been driven via a series of cables from the very beginning. Much of the core technology driving motorcycles have remained essentially the same. The motorcycle clutch cable is one of those parts that have remained an effective part of motorcycles. However, over the years incremental improvements to the material, design and even size of the cable have made it much more efficient. That said almost every motorcycle brand out there uses a different sized clutch cable, and more so it works slightly differently. So, it’s always important to find the right clutch cable for your model.

When to change the clutch cable?

Most people never even think of the clutch cable until it suddenly fails. The biggest problem with the clutch cable is that it wears off gradually. As the clutch cable wears off, there is a slight decrease in the ease of changing gears. The clutch may feel harder, and you may feel a slight tug each time you change gears. So, if you experience any of these symptoms, it’s time to get the cable replaced which happens to be relatively inexpensive. But if you suspect any other problem make sure that you get the vehicle examined by a professional motorcycle mechanic.

Clutch cables from leading brands

At we sell some of the best clutch cables by leading brands such as Blue Print, TRW, and Metzger amongst many others. So, regardless of the motorcycle you own we have made finding and buying the right motorcycle clutch cable a lot easier and quicker. If you’re not sure which cable is right for your motorcycle then get in touch with us today.