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Switch, Steering Column
Switch, Steering Column
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What is a steering column switch?

The steering column switch as it is commonly referred to are the two switches on either side of the steering wheel. On most vehicles sold in the IE, the switch on the right side of the steering wheel controls the turning headlights on and off as well as intensity. The switch on the left controls the windscreen wipers and other accessories depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Even though the switches are durable, they do end up failing eventually at which point they will need to be replaced.

Knowing when to replace a switch

To start with it is important to emphasize that replacing the steering column switch is not something that can be done by anyone. In most vehicles, there are a number of steps that need to be undertaken to reach and then replace the switch. You will know if the switch is not working if it does not turn on your headlights or the windscreen wipers like it used to. However, before you decide to change the switches always take your car to a certified mechanic who will examine your vehicle’s electronics to make sure there isn’t another issue.

The cost of buying a switch

At we sell some of the best-branded switches by big names such as Febi Bil Stein, and Hella amongst many others. So, you can always trust us to deliver on our promise of quality and at a great price. Plus, finding a switch for your vehicle is as simple as browsing through our list of steering column switches. But if you still need help do not hesitate to contact us right away via email or phone.