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Buy Tachometer Shaft

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Original VAICO Quality, Shaft, Speedometer
Original VAICO Quality, Shaft, Speedometer
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How does the Tachometer-Shaft work?

Most modern cars have a digital display which shows you the current speed, and the distance traveled. The only difference between the modern digital displays and the decades old manual needle meters is just the difference in the way they appear on the dashboard. Fundamentally both types of technologies rely on information from the Tachometer-Shaft a technology that’s well over half a century old. It is still in use because of it being highly accurate and durable. That said these shafts can still fail after some time and will need to be replaced. Thankfully buying a replacing shaft is not expensive and it can be installed by most mechanics in the IE.

When do you need to replace the shaft?

You’ll obviously want to replace the Tachometer-Shaft if it stops working. There are various signs of the shaft not working or perhaps not being as accurate as it should be. One sign of this is that the speedometer will not work. Sometimes you may hear a slight grinding noise at high speeds. Also, if you feel as though the speedometer is giving you an unusually high or low reading it could be because of a spoilt shaft. Whenever you experience issues like these, it's best to get the shaft examined by a mechanic. A professional should be able to determine the problem within a couple of minutes. Some cars even have sensors which will alert you to a problem with it.

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