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Original VAICO Quality, Holder
Original VAICO Quality, Holder
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Know more about towbar parts for your car 

The towbar or a tow hitch is a device that is fitted to the chassis of the car. It is used for towing the car when it suffers a mechanical breakdown. The towbar parts are very important for any car. It is important to make sure that the car has the towbar fitted with it as you might not know when you would need it. A rope put over the tow bar with the other end of the rope connected to the tow hitch of another car will help in easily pulling the car with starting troubles.

The reasons why you should fit towbar parts to the car

The towbar/parts are permanently fitted to your car. But, it can be removed if you are not towing items. It offers very good functionality. With a towbar on your car, you do not have to worry about renting a truck to move your household items from the old to the new house. You can just rent out a trailer with a trailer hitch and move your items. 

The different types of towbar parts  

Trailer hitch - This is a hitch that is bolted to the chassis of the vehicle. It comes as receiver hitch and fixed drawbar. Towbar assembly kit - This is a whole kit that comes as a complete package with all the nuts, bolts, wiring kit and towbar. Bumper holder - They are made using high-quality aluminum and are quick release fasteners for the front and the rear bumpers. You can buy all kinds of towbar spares from online stores like at affordable prices.