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Original VAICO Quality, Bush, Selector-/Shift Rod
Original VAICO Quality, Bush, Selector-/Shift Rod
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What is meant by transmission system in vehicles?

The transmission system in the vehicle is very important as they transmit the power generated by the engine to the wheels or tyres of the vehicle. The engines operate at high rotational speed and this is not suitable for starting the vehicle stopping the vehicle or travelling at slow speeds. The transmission system converts the high engine speed to low wheel speed. The torque also gets increased during the transmission process. This speed variation is controlled through the gears. The switching of speed can be done manually or through an automatic transmission. The system includes shafts, torque converters, gears, speed sensors, transmission fluids, fluid temperature sensor, gearshift linkage, hydraulic oil filters, seal/ gasket, mounting, etc. 

The functions of the car transmission system

The transmission system allows the engine force to be separated from the force of driving wheels.The running engine and driving wheels are connected smoothly through the transmission system.It allows the running wheels to be driven at varying speeds.The vehicle is allowed to turn through 90 degrees with the help of transmission controlled engine speed reduction.

Types of transmission in vehicles

The two types of transmissions used in vehicles are manual transmission and automatic transmission. These transmissions vary mainly in driver engagement required. In the manual transmission, the driver needs to shift the gears to adjust the speed whereas in automatic transmission vehicles the vehicle automatically does the gear, clutch and throttle coordination. Manual transmission vehicles do not need a torque converter, whereas automatic vehicle needs a torque converter. Shop for quality transmission system from reputed online stores like