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Tripod Joint, Drive Shaft
Tripod Joint, Drive Shaft
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What are tripod joints?

The tripod joint in a vehicle is an integral part of the driveshaft and wheel assembly in a car. Also called a tripod hub it serves an important function of working as a joint. A qualified mechanic will need to remove and replace the tripod joints in a car if it is faulty or damaged. That said the joints very rarely become faulty unless your car is older than five years or has been in an accident lately.

How is the tripod hub removed?

To get to the tripod hub, the front wheel drive shaft, the free wheeling hub and the drive shaft will need to be removed. The drive shaft is then disassembled, and the joint boot clamps are removed. Next, the inboard joint tulips are disassembled to get to the part in question. Even though replacing the hub joints is not a DIY that can be undertaken by a regular person knowing the process can help you confirm with the mechanic exactly what parts need to be changed. That said if you feel rattling or rumbling in your vehicle while driving or a slight squeaking noise there is a good chance that the tripod hub needs to be examined for cracks or leaks.

Buy only the best parts

The tripod hub is a very important part of your vehicle’s suspension and is imperative to the safety of your vehicle. It is, for this reason, we strongly advise that you only buy branded, and warranty backed tripod joints regardless of the vehicle you own. At you should be able to find the right joint for your vehicle using our easy to use search feature. To learn more about tripod joints or to locate the right one for your car feel free to call or email us right away.