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VAICO brakes – bringing quality and performance

They say that whatever was made on German lands is focused on high quality as well as performance – which is why Vaico made in Germany is such a popular choice. Vaico’s purpose was to prove that myth and provide car parts that would be durable and effective. The brand belongs to the Vierol automotive company, one that was founded in 1977 by Jurgen Viertelhaus. The company started small, but it dynamically grew over time, selling parts such as brake systems, engine parts, transmission, and various other components that would complete the inner system of a car. Now, Vaico has showrooms in more than 100 countries, with customers demanding their state-of-the-art technology on a daily basis. The goal of the company is to produce components of a high quality while keeping the prices low. For that reason, the VAICO brakes are quite popular among customers that are shopping for car parts on a budget.

VAICO brakes – the true safety belt

Most people believe that in case of an accident, they are protected by the safety belt or an airbag. However, the supreme protection comes from the way your brakes perform. The faster they can stop your car from moving, the safer you’ll be from impending danger. Granted, the tyres of your car will also have to complement the functionality of your brakes – but the way the brake pads press on the rotors is also of great importance. It will create the friction that you need in order to stop the motion of your car – keeping you safe no matter if you brake at a stop sign or before an impending danger. This is why you need to invest in a good set of VAICO breaks.

VAICO brakes – it’s all connected

When you are buying VAICO brakes, you may be buying just the Vaico brake disks – or the entire system altogether. The pedals are connected to the cylinder, the cylinder connects to the calliper, the calliper then engages the pads that press on the rotor. This whole system applies pressure to the rotor, providing the friction needed to stop your car from moving. Look for these brake systems on, the online retailer that offers high-quality car parts at an affordable price.