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What is a vacuum pump?

A vacuum pump is one of the most important components of a braking system. The vacuum is usually used in an electrical vehicle where the braking power needs to be a lot more owing to the added weight from the batteries. The significant difference between the braking system of a regular petrol-powered car and an electrical vehicle is not the brakes themselves but rather how the system generates the needed vacuum for the brake booster. The vacuum pump is often featured in a converted car.

How to know something is wrong?

One of the signs that your vehicle’s vacuum pump may not be working properly or failing is that you will have a problem applying the brakes. In some vehicles, the emergency brakes will not work. Manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda along with many others will often alert the driver of a failure. In the vast majority of the cases, the vacuum pump will need to be replaced. In some instances, it can also be repaired, but experts recommend that the pump is replaced with an OEM replacement part for durability and reliability.

Buying the pump

It goes without saying that every make and model of a vehicle uses its own specially designed vacuum pump. So, you simply cannot mix and match pumps. This means that you’ll have to match the pump part number on the existing one to that listed on our website. If you still need help locating the right pump the feel free to get in touch with us for information and assistance.