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What is a car AC evaporator?

Also called the evaporator core, the device works as a sort of heat exchanger within the engine. The vast majority of vehicles have one evaporator but larger ones like trucks and SUVs may have more than one. In most cases the evaporator is located near the passenger compartment, stored deep in the instrument panel. SUVs will generally have another one located at the rear of the vehicle. However, when the evaporator fails, it can cause a variety of problems with the car’s cooling system.

Common problems with the evaporator

Perhaps the most common problem with the AC evaporator, in general, is that it can leak, but there could be a variety of reasons for the leak. Many times a weld or a seam would break causing a leak. The other cause of a leak is corrosion within the evaporator and outside it which can cause a leak. The problems occur when leaves or other types of organic material get into the evaporator, via the air intake vents. The wet atmosphere inside of the evaporator will help the material to decompose, and that forms a type of corrosive material which causes damage. Regardless of what kind of harm has resulted in the failure of the evaporator, it has to be replaced because there is no way to fix it.

Buying the best evaporator

At, we sell the highest quality car AC evaporators in the business. Our evaporators come backed by warranty so you can be sure of years of service life. That said it is important to replace your existing evaporator with one that has the same specifications. Make sure that you match the specifications of your evaporator to the ones listed on our website. Feel free to get in touch with us for assistance.