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What is a washer pump?

A washer pump is also referred to as a windscreen washer pump. It is responsible for pumping washer fluid from the reservoir to the washer jets usually located under the windshield of the vehicle. The pump needs to forcefully push the washer fluid so that it can be delivered with just enough force to the windscreen which helps keep it clean. However, over time the pump can start to wear off in which case you’ll need to get a washer pump replacement which is comparatively cheap even for high-end models.

How to know that the pump needs to be replaced?

The most common sign of a failing washer pump is that it does not pump at all or may not pump with enough pressure. At times you may not even hear the pump turn on when you flip the switch, or it may take time to deliver the washer fluid to the nozzles. If you experience any of these issues its best to get the pump replaced which is usually the culprit in addition to making sure that the rubber lines are not chocked or blocked.

Only the best water pumps

We currently sell washer pump replacements by leading brands such as Metzger, and Hella amongst numerous others. All you need is to be sure of buying a replacement pump which is meant for your vehicle. You can do that by matching the part number of your existing pump to the ones listed on our website. However, if you still require assistance then do not hesitate to get in touch with us with your queries right away.