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What is a brake wear indicator?

The brake wear indicator is a particular type of sensor in some cases which warns the user or vehicle owner that the brake pad requires replacement. It is mostly used in cars and trucks. That said these special wear indicators as they are often referred to also have industrial applications in cranes and wind turbines. Over the years, the indicators have been developed in partnership with many third-party spare parts manufacturers, and so the latest indicators are very accurate. However, it is important to bear in mind that vehicles over two decades old do not have these indicators built in.

Types of indicators

There are various types of brake pad indicators. The most basic are called ‘ocular inspection,' because a cut is manufactured into the pad material to a depth where it needs to be replaced. This requires a manual review. The other is a mechanical indicator which is designed to scratch merely the disk which causes a noise indicating that the pad is worn out. The most modern are electrical and position sensor indicators. The electrical indicator is a metal strip in the pad that will come into contact with the rotor when the pad has worn down to it. The sensor type uses a sensor to measure the mechanics of the brake and indicates when a certain degree of wear has taken place after which a replacement is recommended.

Buying the right one

Buying the right indicator will mainly depend on the vehicle you own. In most cases you will need to replace either an electrical or sensor based indicator. Make sure to refer to your car’s service manual for details about the right one. You can also get in touch with us for more information and assistance.