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What is a wheel cylinder?

A wheel cylinder is a sort of mechanism built into the drum brake system of many vehicles. It located on the top within each wheel, usually above the brake shoes. The cylinder works by exerting a force on the shoes which then brings the shoes into contact with the drum to stop the vehicle. The wheel cylinder though very similar to the slave cylinder in the way it looks and functions but it’s different in construction. Fortunately, replacing the cylinder is a relatively easy job in most vehicles.

How to know there is a problem?

In older cars the wheel cylinder will start to leak, and that will hinder the overall performance of the braking system. You will probably start feeling as though the brakes don’t work as they should, some vehicles’ brakes will feel too soft. While the fixing the problem is relatively straightforward and cheap not fixing the problem in time can lead to sudden and unexpected brake failure which can be dangerous. Though most wheel cylinders can be repaired, experts recommend a replacement for better reliability. Also, a new cylinder will be backed by a warranty from the manufacturer. So, you can expect a better return on your investment.

Buying the right components

At, we sell an array of wheel cylinders and their replaceable parts. So, whether you want to replace the whole cylinder or get it repaired, you can find the parts with us. That said it is critical to buy the right cylinder for your vehicle, this can be achieved by matching the part number to that on our website. You can also call or email us for assistance.