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Why is a Timing-Belt-Cover important?

The Timing-Belt-Cover as the name suggests is meant to shield the timing belt or chain from the elements. The cover also shields other parts of the transmission system depending on the vehicle you own. It is for this reason that all vehicles have slightly different types of covers in terms of size and shape. That said even the most durable covers have a lifespan, not to mention the fact that an accident can cause the cover to break requiring that it be replaced. Fortunately, these covers are not expensive, and in most vehicles, they are easy to replace. Though experts recommend hiring a professional just to ensure that users don’t void the warranty with unsuccessful attempts.

When should the belt cover be replaced?

The Timing-Belt-Cover should be replaced as soon as you see signs of wear and tear. Cracks and the inability for the cover to properly sit in place means that the belt is being exposed to the elements. In the IE, rain is one of the most damaging elements which makes the cover very important. If the cover is not replaced in time, your timing belt will wear out before time, not to mention you having to deal with rusty parts. Since the cover is relatively cheap getting it replaced at the first sign of a problem is a good idea.

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