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Why Engine Oil Matters

Replacing the engine oil seems like an unnecessary step for most people. While it is a relatively straightforward and inexpensive task, you shouldn't let this draw any attention away from its importance. By undertaking the easy and inexpensive task of regularly replacing your engine oil you are essentially saving yourself a lot of time and money in the future; looking after your engine and car parts routinely is always best as it minimises future maintenance expenses. Plus, it ensures that your engine performs optimally.

What Role Does Engine Oil Play that Makes it so Vital?

The oil you put into your engine keeps all components running smoothly and working well together as they should. The oil helps keep the pistons and the head continuously lubricated by circulating fresh engine oil through the system. Plus, the engine oil draws away the heat and contributes to keep your engine cool. Another reason why motor oil is vital is because it prevents unwanted carbon and sludge from accumulating. So, your engine continues to remain clean and perform unhindered.

Changing the engine oil?

Having engine oil is one thing, but ensuring it is clean and fresh is another. Your engine oil should be changed every three months or every 3000 miles on average. If you are not sure when to change the engine oil simply refer to your vehicle’s user manual. Also always make sure to use an engine oil by a big name brand such as Fuchs, Castrol or Shell, etc. At we only sell high quality branded engine oil. So, you can always be assured of buying the very best products from us. If you need help choosing an engine oil for your vehicle, do not hesitate to call or email us right away.