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About Kroon Oil Products

Kroon oil products are manufactured in Holland with high technical perfection. Though produced in Holland, the products are compliant with international specifications. Kroon products are marketed worldwide. The products are manufactured in ISO certified production units. Kroon brand specializes in road traffic, two-wheeler, agriculture, industry and marine related products. The road traffic products from the brand include motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, classic products etc. You can find the lubricants and oils for brand new vehicles as well as classic cars from the brand. There are products for private cars and heavy goods vehicles. The motor oils include synthetic multi-grades, mineral multi-grades, mineral single grade, etc. The product range also includes manual transmission oils and automatic transmission oils.

Purpose Of Kroon Lubricants

Vehicle engines need lubricants for the efficient working of the moving parts. The right lubrication reduces the power needed to overcome the friction and improves the power out by the engine. Kroon lubricants reduce the wear caused by rubbing of the surfaces and prevent serious damage to the engine components. These lubricants also remove excess heat from the cylinders, bearings, and pistons. The engine lubricants also reduce the service intervals and improve performance characteristics of the vehicle engine. Good engine oil should flow to all moving parts of the engine to minimize wear.

Why Go For Kroon Lubricants?

Kroon products reach the customers after proper research and testing. Apart from reducing friction between metal surfaces, it offers the following benefits. It is necessary to select Kroon lubricant with the right viscosity from It protects the engine parts from corrosion, Reduces impact on parts and vibration while the engine is running, Reduces noise while running, Dissipates heat and removes deposits from the surfaces, Offers proper sealing of the cylinder walls and piston rings. Read through the description of the product before you purchase the item from an online source. You are sure to find the genuine and quality products when you buy from reputed online stores. Some Kroon products available online includes: Meganza LSP 5W-30- This is a modern synthetic oil, which offers fuel efficiency. It is based on low SAPS technology. Highly suitable for vehicles with a filter for soot particles or catalysts. Helar 0W-40- This product is all synthetic engine oil suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. It offers 4% fuel savings and reliable cold starts. It reduces pollutant emissions.