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A Look Into The History Of TBOS

TBOS is a new kid on the block that offers quality and genuine transmissions and auto care products that meets the need of classic cars, trucks, and two-wheelers. Their oils offer the right kind of lubrication needed by the classic cars to ensure smooth and efficient running on the roads. TBOS research team has spent a lot of time researching and developing the right kind of classic oils suited for the classic cars before and after 1950. The engine oils are made with the right additives to remove the debris and the dirt from the engine and keep it clean. The motor oils are made using different viscosities both in alloyed and non-alloyed form to meet the needs of different tractors and farm machines.

The Advantages Of Using TBOS Oils

These TBOS oils are made specifically to suit the tough engines of the classic cars. They are made to operate at high RPMS and at high temperatures without slowing down the power and the efficiency of the car engine. There will no lagging behind in the engine power even when it carries heavy loads because of the high-quality auto oil used. These automotive oils will offer the necessary support and reduce the friction between the moving parts of the engine both when performing farm applications and when it is driven on the roads. These quality motor oils are made under stringent test conditions and offer high performance. Therefore, they will offer longer oil change characteristics.

Types Of TBOS Engine Oils On Sale

To buy genuine TBOs oils, you need to shop at popular online stores like SAE 50 Unalloyed - This is a single grade classic oil that is made using selected mineral oils. It meets the needs of classic cars which needs oils without any additives. They offer low evaporation loss, low ash content and high flash point. SAE 140W - This is a classic gear oil that works fine on manual vehicles. They are made using special mineral base oils. The characteristics of this classic auto oil include wear and corrosion protection, high thermal load capacity, constant lubrication during continuous load, etc. SAE30 Alloyed -This single grade engine oil is made using special mineral base oils with alloy suited for classic engines of the 50s. Its characteristics include low oil consumption, quality oxidation protection, stable lubrication, less friction, and safe wear protection.