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A Brief History Into VAICO Brand

The VAICO brand from Vierol came into the market in early 1999. It is a German brand that is associated with auto oils and parts. VAICO has diversified its business in various fields, including the oils and lubricants. The VAICO brand is intent on offering quality and innovative products to its customers through its extensive research and development team. Many of the products from VAICO bear the Q+ quality seal. All the products are made of high-quality materials and are released in the market only after stringent quality tests. The end result is that the customer gets a quality product that will protect the vehicle from extreme conditions and offer long life.

Types Of VAICO Engine Oils On Sale Online

VAICO SAE 5W-20 - This is a fully synthetic engine oil that has high perforce characteristics. It can handle extreme temperatures and heavy loads. It is suited for all types of petrol and diesel engines and offers low viscosity levels. VAICO 15W-40 RST - This is a special mineral based motor oil that will offer great protection from engine wear. It also will offer the corrosion resistance to the engine moving parts. VAICO 15W-40 Super - This motor oil is made using mineral oil that offers high-quality performance. The right additives are added to the base engine oil to offer quality lubrication even at high temperature. The other features of VAICO oil include prolonged wear, engine and parts cleanup, and prevention of black mud formation.

Types Of VAICO Brake Fluids On Sale

You can buy all Vaico transmission and engine oils from VAICO Brake Fluid VA-DOT 4+ - This is a car brake oil that is made to suit heavy duty brake systems. This is a synthetic brake fluid with DOT4 technology that suits the ABS, ASR, ESP braking systems. The characteristics of the VAICO brake oil are high and low temperature resistance, good oxidation stability, low viscosity, enhance safety, and optimal braking. VAICO VA-DOT 4 - This fully synthetic fluid offers very good protection to the brake parts and therefore prolongs its wear. It will also lubricate the metal parts of the brake to prevent rust and corrosion. This brake oil will also prevent foaming. It will prevent the vapor bubble development in the brake systems and hereby offer better performance on high and wet boiling points.