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Delticom - Privacy Policy

We know that our careful handling of your personal details is important to you. Therefore, we appreciate your trust that Delticom handles this information conscientiously. In the events that personal data (and user data) are collated beyond the contractual purpose you as user must actively agree for your data to be used in such a way. This consent may be revoked at any time with future effect. Simply send us an email to


Competent Authority

In the sense of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Act) Delticom AG, Brühlstraße 11, D-30169 Hanover is the competent authority.


Collation and use of our customers' personal data

Data is collected in the shop using web analysis tools using cookies that are (able to be) used to generate pseudonyms for user profiles.

Information, which we collect from you, helps us to design and continually improve your shopping experience with Delticom. We use the information for the processing of orders, the delivery of goods and the provision of services as well as for payment settlements (e.g. in connection with purchase on account for any checks required). We also use your details in order to communicate with you regarding orders, products, services and marketing offers (see "Communication via email" below), in order to update our data bases and to store and maintain your customer accounts as well as to present our customers' test reports and opinions for example at or at and to be able to recommend to you any products and services, which might be of interest to you. We also use your details to improve our shop and our platform, to prevent the misuse of our web site or to discover the same or to enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other services on our instructions. 

We collate the following information:

Information you provide us with: We collate and save all details, which you enter on our web site or which you transfer to us in any other way. You can decide not to provide us with certain details, which may, however, lead to you not being able to use many of our offers (services/features).

Automatic information: As soon as you contact us we receive and save certain details. Amongst others, we use - as many other web sites do, too - so-called "cookies" and receive certain details as soon as your web browser opens a Delticom web site. Various companies offer software packages, which enable you to view the web sites anonymously. Although we are no longer able to offer you a personalised shopping experience, as soon as we cannot recognise you, we would like you to know that these tools are available. Usage data, which we collate, are only collated and saved as anonymised data. Thus for example, we analyse anonymously and summarised how many clicks reach our shop and from which web site these come.

Kommunikation per E-Mail: Communication via email: We store the contract's content and will send you the details of your order as well as our general terms via e-mail. You can find the terms here at all times. The details about your recent orders can be found in your customer login "Your orders". 
In order to be able to make your emails more useful and interesting we often receive a confirmation which of the Delticom emails you open, as far as your computer supports this function. Subsequent to each order you have got the opportunity to take part in a survey. If you participate you can grant us the permission to send you offers or the like. We also offer you the possibility to register for our newsletter e.g. at If you would not like to receive any emails from us in principle, please send an email to: In the future you may choose your preferences as appropriate via your user account "Your orders".

Information from other sources: Occasionally we also use information about you from other sources and add these to our information about your customer account. We reserve the right to obtain information from third parties (e.g. mail-order companies, commercial credit agencies) in order to offer you certain payment possibilities (e.g. purchase on account) or other financial services.

For our website we enlist the services of IT security service provider Device Indent GmbH. All communication between us and Device Indent is done exclusively for the prevention of fraud when using our website.

Data storage: Device Indent collects and processes specific data from our users anonymously using cookies and tracking technologies. This includes certain data for the configuration of the device used by the user (data specific to the device), raw data from the TCP/IP connection and data relating to the use of our website. For technical reasons, the IP addresses of our users are also collected and processed by Device Indent, but encrypted within seconds by them. The information is added to Device Indent's database for fraud prevention.

Data retrieval: If the user initiates or concludes a contract on our website, e.g. by opening a user account or beginning the checkout process to purchase a particular item, we will request a risk assessment from Device Indent's database that was added for the device used by the user. This risk assessment is based on the following information among other details, (a) whether the user's device has previously communicated/is currently communicating via a proxy connection, (b) whether the device has recently connected to different internet service providers, (c) whether the device shows/has shown a frequently changing geo-reference, (d) how many internet transactions have been made using the device in a recent time period (however, it is not visible what type of transactions have been made), and (e) how likely it is that the device left in the Device Indent database actually belongs to the user. The result of this risk assessment helps us to prevent fraud attempts on our website. This data is, however, not the sole criterion for the completion or possible termination of a purchase.

Data transfer: We also transfer Device Indent data if to the best of our knowledge a user has fraudulently obtained/tried to obtain a contract with us. In doing so, only these facts along with the respective user data specific to the device will be transferred, not including the user's name, address or similar contact details.


What are cookies all about?

Cookies are alphanumerical identifiers, which we transfer to the hard drive of your computer via your web browser. The enable our systems to recognise your browser and to offer you services.

The help function in the menu bar of most web browsers will explain how you can avoid your browser accepting new cookies, how you can inform your browser about receiving a new cookie or how you can switch off all cookies you received. However, several of the most interesting Delticom features can be used and experienced to the full with cookies only, which is why we recommend to keep the cookie function switched on.

Furthermore, we recommend if you share a computer and the browser is configured so that the computer accepts cookies that you log out completely.


Convenient shopping with Delticom

Convenient shopping means that at the end of your first or any subsequent order you have the opportunity to enter a password you have chosen yourself. Using your email address and your password you may then track your order at any time online at Your orders, you may change the order or send us messages directly regarding your order. Convenient shopping also means that in the future you will only need to log in e.g. at using your password and the relevant email address and that your customer details, such as name, address etc. will already be displayed. You will not need to enter any data as we save them for you. Of course, you can change your data upon ordering or later at "Your orders". If you have forgotten your password you can have it resent to you in an email via "Your orders". If you did not enter a password with your order you can have a Delticom password sent to you in an email, which has been internally assigned to your particular order.


Does Delticom pass on any information received?

Affiliated companies: Delticom passes on personal data (and user data) for order processing purposes to affiliated companies and their subsidiary companies. These companies are either subject to this Privacy Policy or comply with regulations, which guarantee at the least the same protection as this Privacy Policy.

Service provider: We commission other companies and individuals with the fulfilment of tasks on our behalf. Some examples are amongst others the parcel delivery, the sending of letters or emails, the maintenance of our customer lists, the analysis of our data bases, advertising measures, the processing of payments (credit cards, direct debiting system and purchase on account) as well as customer services. These service providers have got access to personal information, which they require for the fulfilment of their tasks. They may, however, not use them for any other purposes. In addition to that they are obliged to treat the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy as well as the German Data Protection Acts.

Promotions: We offer you the possibility to register for our newsletter e.g. at If you would not like to receive such offers you may deregister e.g. at or by sending an email to In the future you may simply choose your preferences as appropriate via your user account "Your orders". Subsequent to each order you have got the opportunity to take part in a survey and to grant us the permission to pass on your data to third parties for marketing purposes. Only if you actively confirm this option we will pass on your data to selected cooperation partners or we will send offers on behalf of other companies. As far as this is the case that company will neither receive your name, nor your address nor any other personal identifying information. The survey and the permission to pass on your data to third parties for marketing purposes is independent from one another, which means that you may fill in the questionnaire without granting us the permission to pass on your data and vice versa, if you so wish.

Assignment of business shares: As we continue to develop our business it may be that individual subsidiary companies or we sell or buy company shares or units (e.g. shops). In the course of such transactions the customer information are usually assigned together with the part of the company that is to be assigned. However, the data continue to be subject to the previously existing Privacy Policies (of course, with exception of the case where the customer expressly agrees to other regulations). In the rather unlikely event that Delticom in its entirety or its essential parts are sold the personal data will be passed on to the buyer.

Protection of Delticom and third parties: We make known customer accounts and the customers' personal data if we are legally obliged to do so or if such a passing on of the information is required in order to assert our General Terms and Conditions or other agreements or in order to protect our rights as well as the rights of our customers and those of third parties. This includes the exchange of data with companies, which have specialised in the prevention and minimisation of misuse and credit card fraud. We expressly declare that in this connection no data are passed on to these companies for any economic use, which is in contradiction to this Privacy Policy.

With your consent: After entering your order you have got the opportunity to take part in a marketing survey. Thereby you grant us the permission to pass on your data to third parties in other cases, too. 

Example: Newsletter for cooperation companies

As far as personal information are passed on to third parties to the extent described above in countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) we ensure that the information are used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the German Data Protection Acts. The European Union Standard Contract II applies thereby. This is about standard contract clauses for passing on personal data from the Union to third countries, which are prescribed by the European Commission in order to guarantee an adequate level of data protection.

How secure are these data about me?

In order to guarantee the safety of your information upon transferral we use Secure Socket Layer Software (SSL). This software encodes the information, which you transfer. Upon entering your data you have the possibility to choose between uncoded and encoded (SSL) transfer. Delticom recommends using SSL.

In the confirmation of your order we do not disclose your credit card number. In the course of the order processing we naturally transfer the entire credit card number to the credit card company in charge.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safety measures in connection with the collation, storage and disclosure of our customers' personal information. These safety measures also mean that we ask you occasionally to provide proof of your identity before we disclose any personal information.

It is important for you to protect yourself against the unauthorised access to your password and your computer. If you share your computer with others you should take great care to log out after each session.


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