Shipping across Great Britain:

Delivery cost for order below 150,00 € consists of 30,00 €. We offer free shipping if the amount of the order exceeds 150,00 € (except for delivery abroad and special types of shipping – oversized cargo and pledge).


If using payment methods like PayPal or credit card you will not charged with any additional transaction fees.

Shipping outside of Great Britain:

The shipping abroad costs listed below are valid regardless of the amount of the order, and are obligatory to be paid accordingly.

Andorra 35,00
Argentina 165,00
Austria 9,95
Belgium 9,95
Bosnia and Herzegovina 40,00
Bulgaria 9,81
Croatia 15,00
Cyprus 35,00
Czech Republic 10,08
Denmark 10,19
Egypt 75,00
Estonia 15,95
Faroe Islands (DK) 14,84
Finland 10,95
France 9,95
Germany 6,95
Greece 9,95
Holland 9,95
Hungary 8,58
Iceland 40,00
India 120,00
Israel 75,00
Italy 9,95
Kenya 165,00
Latvia 15,95
Liechtenstein 30,00
Lithuania 15,95
Luxembourg 9,95
Macedonia 40,00
Malta 30,00
Mexico 120,00
Moldova, Republic of 40,00
Monaco 40,00
Mozambique 165,00
Norway 19,90
Poland 6,24
Portugal 9,95
Puerto Rico 120,00
Romania 9,94
San Marino 20,00
Serbia 40,00
Slovakia 9,95
Slovenia 9,95
South Africa 165,00
Spain 9,95
Sweden 9,07
Switzerland 31,62
Turkey 75,00
United Arab Emirates 120,00
United Kingdom 8,98
United States 100,00
Uruguay 165,00
Zambia 165,00

Extra charges for oversized cargo:

Following spare parts are to be considered as oversized cargo:
battery, catalyst, manifold, muffler, racing exhaust pipes, threshold, wing, fuel tank, spoiler, trailer coupling (hitch), front cowling, engine compartment lid, engine hood, the insulation of the engine compartment and bumper.

Delivery of oversized cargo to Great Britain is not possible!

Delivery of bulky goods within Germany:
1) Shipping cost of collector, catalyst, muffler, racing exhaust pipe will be increased by 5,00 € as oversized cargo
2) Shipping cost of battery, threshold, fuel tank, wing, spoiler and bumper will be increased by 10,00 € as oversized cargo
3) Shipping cost of front cowling, trailer coupling (hitch), engine compartment lid, engine hood, insulation of engine compartment across Germany will be increased by 15,00 € as oversized cargo.

Additionally shipping costs for oversized cargo abroad (in other countries):
Austria: 26,95 €
Belgium: 26,95 €
Czech Republic: 20,95 €
Denmark: 36,95 €
France: 36,95 €
Holland: 26,95 €
Italy: 46,95 €
Luxembourg: 26,95 €
Slovakia: 30,95 €
Sweden: 46,95 €
Switzerland: 26,95 €

Additional fee for oversized cargo is valid for each item. Note: Shipment of oversized cargo in countries not indicated in this list is not possible.

All indicated prices include the law required VAT, which is 23%.

Delivery time:

Delivery takes 4-5 working days.

Choosing the free expertcheck option will increase the delivery time with 24 more hours.

No delivery on public holidays.

"Safe Order":

By using the additional option "Safe Order", You can extend the opportunities of the standard Right of Cancellation. If you make a small payment in the amount of 3,95 € / order, we are offering you a full refund and free return shipment without stating the reason within first 100 days. This option is available at the last step when ordering — "Confirm". It is valid only in case if the product is in the original packing, is not damaged and not mounted. Please note that the Right of Cancellation is not replaced by the option "Safe Order" and does not refer to it.

The Safe Order option applies only to one return per order.

Once we receive the spare part back from you, it will be thoroughly examined. If it meets the above-mentioned requirements, we will exchange the item for another one or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

Note: Safe Order terms do not apply to bulky items, old exchange car parts and tyres. Moreover, Safe Order terms will not apply to products from other orders of yours for which this option has not been selected.